Using Go to Build Out a RESTful API

I see a lot of the benefit of Go. It’s “simple.” The stdlib is great. However, nothing ever seems to scratch the surface more than “look … I can start a web server using the stdlib and serve a single endpoint. It’s great!” Finding a good article or book that describes how to organize your (web) application seems extremely rare. Any developer who has built something of substantial size (small to medium), knows that there are some things that you typically don’t want to do when building software.

My Learning Journey Into Go

Go has been a good experience. It is generally a very nice language, once you get used to it. I’d recommend that anyone curious about Golang to give it a try; in particular, you should really commit to persisting through the first 2 weeks, where you will most likely find some of Golang’s ideologies challenging at first (like “why is every line an if statement?") package main import "fmt" func main() { fmt.