Moving from WordPress to Jekyll

Over the past year, I’ve really fallen off the face of the internet. I know you’ve all missed me {sarcasm}, but I’ve recently had the urge to get back in to the swing of things.

Actually, I’m not sure if this is an urge to start blogging or just an urge to freshen up the site a bit, but, nonetheless, I had the motivation to put a fresh coat of paint up for the masses. So I’m throwing everything out and starting anew.

The plan at the moment is to just keep things simple. I don’t want to deal with upgrading blogging software, managing a databases, posting via a web interface, etc. All I want is to quickly type thoughts in to my text editor of choice and then be able to post it quickly.

My first attempt at this type of solution was Webby; which worked really well. The only reason I’ve decided to go with Jekyll this time around is to try something new and, of course, to keep things in the Ruby world.

I’m not entirely sure if this change stems from the blogging solution that I’m currently using (WordPress) or just that I’ve had too much going on to really be able to sit down and write anything. Either way, I’ve decided to get back in to it as much as I can.

Expect to see some technical and non-technical posts from me in the near future. I feel like I’ve learned quite a lot in the past year; so it’s time to solidify that knowledge by hopefully sharing it with others. We’ll see how it goes. Wish me luck!