Thirty (30) days of thoughts.

I recently watched a TED talk that described doing something for 30 days straight. I’ve been procrastinating it for the past few months on the basis of, “Well, I don’t have a calendar yet to mark my progress off … so I’ll wait until I get one.” Needless to say, my brain and I recognize that as procrastination at work.

I’ve recently found myself getting in to this rut of not starting things or not completing things, because there is that one little thing that is holding me back: there’s not enough time, the learning curve is too big, I don’t have a calendar yet to start that, my blog isn’t how I would like it to look … I’ve become very good at finding excuses on how not too succeed at something.

Actually, succeed is a very relative term there. I really don’t consider writing a blog every day for a month to lead me to mass success, but it certainly gets me in to a habit and the realization that I can start and finish something.

So, here we go … day 1 of my 30. I make no promises that each and every one of my posts will be relavent, interesting, or coherent, but damn it … I will post something.