Behind every great man, there is a great woman.

Day 1 of 31: My long time friend, colleague, and mentor, Curtis Schlak, asked me to be accountabili-buddies and begin creating the written word with him. Everyday … for the entire month of May. It’s quite the endeavor, but how can one possibly turn down such a challenge?

It’s been a long time since I’ve written, but I’ve always enjoyed it and this is an attempt to form a new habit. One that doesn’t involve caffeine, nicotine, opiates, alcohol, sex, drugs, or rock and roll. Just some good ol’ fashioned creativity, wordsmithing, and a boat load of know-how.

So, let’s get this party started, shall we? Here is Curtis’s first Blog-a-day May (good marketing!) post as well!

This has always been one of my favorite quotes. It’s a quote that I’ve known for a long time. I always thought I knew what it meant, but until recently, I can honestly say that I didn’t truly appreciate the quote to its fullest.

Over the past couple years, my life has gone through some pretty wonderful changes. The biggest of which, is my little girl, Kylie. I’ve also taken on a lot more responsibility with my career. I’ve started my own business. I’ve started hobbies. And I’ve set goals, both big and small, personal and professional. Things have just been very busy. Good. But busy.

Throughout all of that, my wife, Lindsey, has been the cornerstone of everything I’ve been able to accomplish. She’s been through everything with me and has helped me make tough decisions. She’s been at my side through every choice I’ve had to make and I’ve always felt like she’s had my back no matter what choice I made. Even if I had the possibility of making the wrong choice, or failing at something.

This post is my way of acknowledging all the hard work and sacrifice that I probably don’t let her know how much I appreciate often enough.

She provides self-confidence and support

I’m a reasonably confident person. Not cocky, but confident. However, my wife, has managed to boost that confidence even more. By not demeaning my ideas, as far fetched as many of them are. And by stroking my ego just enough when I question myself or begin to have doubts about decisions I make.

She has always been there to listen and help me make decisions. She has provided me with emotional support that has helped me feel better about myself and about the decisions that I make in my career as well as my personal goals and ambitions. Because of her I have been able to take risks. And feel confident that she’s always got my back.

She allows me to take risks

Robert F. Kennedy once said,

“Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.”

I’m a firm believer than in order to become successful, you’ve got to take some risks. Lindsey has always been able to provide a stable personal life and has been encouraging of my aspirations. Extremely supportive of my decisions and has become one of the only reasons that I have been able to take many of risks that I feel are necessary in order to advance my professional career.

I think stability comes in many forms and I think a lot of life is about balancing all those forms. If our personal lives are disheveled it’s hard to make our professional lives work. And vice versa. Lindsey has managed to sincerly care about who I am and even share my dreams. Even while doing so, she has managed to maintain her own independence and her own career.

She carries the household

By no means do I ever expect my wife to stay at home. I’m truly thankful that she has been able to maintain her own identity over the course of our marriage, maintain her career, take care of the day to day household tasks as well as raise our child. And I have to say that a woman’s touch around the house has been amazingly helpful.