Spiking a web control that behaves like Excel. Thoughts?

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Curtis has a much better post than I do today. Head over there and check it out for something more informative.

I need to spike some code that allows for Excel like formulas in the web. It doesn’t have to support a lot of Excel functions. Really, I think it would only need to support SUM() and possibly AVG(). There seems to be a lot of technology out there to support the creation of it, but I’m hesitant, because there isn’t already one out there. It seems like I’m missing some piece of complexity? Why doesn’t there appear to be anything out there for this?

Perhaps I need to re-think my problem though before I go off the deep-end building a complex control. Perhaps it doesn’t need to be all that complex though. Or maybe there’s a simpler way to solve this problem …

Anyhow, I think I’m getting sick again. I just can’t kick this cough and I have a feeling my cold is coming back. I need to quit burning the candle at both ends for a week or two. I was really going to write something meaningful tonight, but I have a very long day ahead of me tomorrow. And I need to get some sleep.

Wish me luck.