Politics, Religion & Lifestyle

Just some random political thoughts that I had during this whole pandemic and drama filled 2020 …

Politics for many people has essentially become a combination of religion (literally) and a lifestyle brand. The religious leaders that they follow tell them - in no uncertain terms - how to live, and that their politics are a part of that. Politics have turned into something that is moralized, and at issue absolutely everywhere.

As a result, politics becomes a key part of identity and decision-making. From actual political matters (like abortion, taxes, gun rights, etc.) to other things (like the grocery store you shop at, what brand of shoes you wear, and how you dress). Seriously. I know several families who won’t shop at Whole Foods or Sprouts because the idea of “organic” is anathema to them, politically. It would be … sinful to do something like that.

Rather than it being a tool you use to express control over your country, it has become a tool through which elements of the country control you. And it is scary. And it is leading to increasingly orchestrated power grabs, where the ends justify the means - control.

Even now there are people who personally hate our sitting President and what he and his group are doing. They hate his decisions, they disagree with the policy, and they dislike the direction of the country. But…they can’t bring themselves to not support the Party. Because, who knows what will happen if the other side wins? To them, it is like letting Satan win. Sure, this is bad … but whatever comes from “the other side” will be actual hell.

The only way they think they can change things is to make sure they stay the same.