My Leadership Style

As I’ve progressed throughout my career, I’ve moved a bit up and down the development, leadership, and management ladder. Depending on what the company or team has needed. Sometimes we need more of a focus on management and sometimes we need more of a focus on development. The pendulum swings back and forth quite a bit.

I also realize that as you move forward in your career from junior, to senior, to architect role, and even management specific roles … managing people and working with others becomes more and more important. I truly enjoy helping other people progress their careers as well, their development skills, and just helping people navigate through difficult situations. I don’t always have the answers, but I tend to be a great listener! One of the perks of being raised with four sisters who had a lot to talk to me about, I guess.

As I’ve progressively taken on more and more responsibility within’ my roles, I’ve found a few things that help me work with and manage others. I thought I’d put this into an article so that I can share it with team members I work with in the future. As well as so I can solidify this process and continually update it as I continue to evolve. Without further adieu …

Transparent and Direct

When I drop into your DM’s, I will start with “Hi and why.” No suspense. No pause for dramatic effect. No chit-chat while your brain works overtime wondering what I want.

Weekly 1-on-1’s

I will never cancel this meeting on you unless I’m on vacation or have an emergency. However, you can cancel any time you want. This is your time to let me know how you’re doing or what you need.

1-on-1 Agenda

There will always be recurring questions in our 1:1 meeting where we can continually evaluate how things are going. But you’re always welcome to add new topics that you would like to discuss.

Meetings will have an Agenda

Whenever I make meetings for us, I’ll always say in the description what it’s about and the outcomes that I’m looking for. I will not schedule meetings without an agenda.

Meetings End When We’re Done

Any meeting that we schedule can end whenever we’ve both got the information we need. There is no need to fill up the allotted time to fill the void.

Be Courageous

There is nothing you can break that we can’t fix together. Have the courage to discuss or do what you feel is right. Be bold. Be courageous. Make mistakes. Grow. Learn.

News and Announcements

Any news or announcements that significantly impact you, your team, or your work will come from me directly in a 1:1. Not revealed in some big meeting.

Near Real-Time Feedback

You’ll get feedback from me when it’s fresh. There will be no feedback in a performance review that you are hearing for the first time.

No Micromanagement

I trust you to manage your time. You don’t need to clear with me when you go to lunch, AFK or OOO. We’re all adults here doing adult things in the adult world.

Do your work however you see fit

Your work can get done however you see fit. My focus is on outcomes, not output. Once we’re clear on where we need to go, how we get there is up to you. If I ever find it necessary to suggest a specific approach, I will supply an example.

Growth Opportunities

I will do my best to find opportunities for you to grow your career. I want you to be successful, here or elsewhere. But preferably here!

Work Together

A team works the best when it’s working together, looking out for one another, and taking care of each other. Please look to your left and to your right for opportunities to help your teammates. If you need help from me or someone else, please ask. We’re all in this together and no one is expected to have all the answers.

Skip Rank If You Need

I trust you to skip rank and talk to my manager or another senior manager about anything your feel is relevant. You don’t need to get my permission, and I won’t be weird about it if you do.

Attributing Credit Appropriately

I will attribute all credit appropriately to you and your team. I will never exaggerate my role or minimize your contributions. I will be especially emphatic when attributing your contributions to our leadership team. I want everyone to be aware of and celebrate you, your contributions and accomplishments.


If all of this sounds good to you, I ask for one thing in return. Please reciprocate this by giving me what I need most: the truth. Give me your feedback, let me know when I’m wrong. Share your ideas on how we or I can do better.

If we can trust each other, we can learn and grow together. That’s how I want to work with you.