The Evolution of my Creative Resume

My best friend, Curtis Schlak, and I have been working together on-and-off for almost two decades now. He’s been an amazing mentor and friend as I’ve progressed through my career.

Somewhere along that journey, we started riffing off of each other’s resume. Over the past 15 years our resumes have had some pretty drastic changes. He would add a super cool addition to his resume. I would take that idea and incorporate it into mine with my own style and vice versa.

We incorporated all types of things: infographics, technologies, layouts, colrs, styles, languages we’ve been working with. It’s certainly not a traditional resume, but it has always been a super fun experiment and creative activity for me.

I thought I’d share it with the community at large, because it is something I’ve been super proud of for a long time. And have had a lot of enjoyment from the creative aspects. Highly recommended exercise for any creative types.